Quality Assurance

Quality Administered to our special products.

Kisumu Concrete Products Limited was incorporated on may 4, 1978 as a private trading company as constituted by its article of association and memorandum of incorporation in Kenya. The company is incorporated vide certificate No. C17534.

KCP has an in house fully equipped concrete laboratory that ensures quality of concrete meet stringent specifications as per KEBS. The lab performs various tests on a daily basis to ensure all constituent materials are tested and assessed before being used in the production of concrete.

Quality of the manufactured products is also dependent on the quality of the constituent material. And by ensuring and assuring that; our quality assurances team routinely test the aggregates for their suitability or otherwise. The tests include and not limited to: - particle distribution, shape, silt, ACV, clay lumps etc. The above notwithstanding, the cement and any additive used are checked with reference to the accompanying mill quality certificates.

KCP commitment to quality excellence is demonstrated by frequent sampling for flexural strength in external labs besides in house quality control plan of sampling concrete used in manufacture of road kerbs, road channels, fencing posts, stay blocks, wall copping and side slabs for compressive strength.

Our ready mix product is high quality product that is always manufactured using high quality concrete and cement that is combined in a specific way to give us a consistent end product that will give you the most reliable and long lasting construction standards.

We put quality first by ensuring that the blocks and pavers (CABROS) manufactured by KCP are sampled and tested for every production batch on our compressive compression machine which is KEBS compliance . Our Quality Assurance ensures that no product is dispatched to the customer’s site without being tested to the set standards.